What Others Say About The Cellar Gym...

Great For the Whole Family

With classes for pre-schoolers, kids, teens, and adults; there is something for everyone at The Cellar Gym!

Having similar interests, activities, and experiences helps to bring families closer together and it also helps to keep everyone on track to achieve their fitness or training goals.

Matthew L.

Youth Parent

“Our son has been going to The Cellar Gym for almost three years. He loves his instructors and everything he is learning about martial arts. We love all the positive life lessons that go along with it. Highly recommend checking out the Cellar Gym!”

Amber b.

Youth Parent

"I have two children (ages 3 & 5) doing karate and jiu jitsu through the Lil' Ninjas program at The Cellar. The instructors are great and it's awesome that the kids are able to learn different styles of martial arts all at the same school."

Aaron B.

Teen Parent

"My son has been a student in the Teen Muay Thai class for almost two years. Chris is a fantastic Muay Thai coach, and his rapport and role modeling with the young adults is second to none."

Amie L.

Youth Parent

“We love everything about The Cellar--the people are great and the instruction goes unmatched. The owners are fantastic people, the instructors are great, and even the athletes that train here are awesome. The youth karate program is run with high standards in mind. Not only are the classes engaging and high energy, the instructor has high expectations for all students regardless of their age. He is patient and kind, but teaches respect through reinforcing accountability for their actions in class and in the world. The students develop physically, socially, and emotionally through martial arts at The Cellar. My sons have been training with The Cellar for 2 1/2 years and the program continues to grow because it is such a wonderful program.”

Elizabeth H.


This gym has a fantastic kids' karate program. The classes are engaging and energetic and the instructor is great at keeping the kids' attention as well as encouraging them while keeping the class under control. In addition to the physical aspects of training, this gym emphasizes the mental and social aspects as well. The instructor is very open to communicating with parents too.

Cassie H.


Such a great place to train! Quality instruction by teachers who truly are the best around! I have been looking for such a facility for a couple years, and I'm so grateful I found The Cellar!! You guys ROCK!

Kristin t.


My 5 year old son has been in the Lil Ninjas karate program for one year now and we LOVE it! The teaching style is an impressive balance of interactive, challenging, entertaining and thoughtful. The program offers an undertone of humility, addressing values such as respect for oneself and others, using physical control and intentions. We couldn't be happier with the Cellar Gym's youth program for our child's body and mind.

Jennifer W.

Linked in

My kids have been taking karate classes from Mr. Bravo for several months now, and it is wonderful to watch their self-confidence bloom. He has a natural ability to motivate and inspire kids of all ages. In his classes he focuses not only on physical skills, but also teaches important life skills such as healthy eating and living, kindness to others, discipline, and self-assertion. He is an amazing teacher!

Nicole N.


I’ve never met more dedicated or passionate people in my life. This place has changed the way I live . Never a boring class, never an uncaring trainer..a never say never kind of place. Everyone should try a class…you’ll be hooked!

Paul E.

Yelp Review

The youth instructor is *OUTSTANDING*. His classes are the perfect balance of teaching technique, respect, and fun. My kids love their class. Parents can stay and watch–though you have a weight room right across the hallway, why not join yourself and get a workout at the same time as your kids?

Chris H

Youth Parent

The teachers are patient, hands on, and very involved in the training. Our kids love all the classes they take at The Cellar. As a family, we’re very thankful we found them!

Training is Great for Women!

Lauren talks about her MMA training at The Cellar Gym in Minneapolis and how it’s not just for fighters.

This “bubbly little girl” is a college graduate and she trains at The Cellar Gym because she likes the way her coaches push her during training. She enjoys the self-defense aspects of Kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and how she’s able to be herself during classes.

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